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Autor:  Mauricio
E-mail:  brazirish@ig.com.br
Data:  07/JUN/2003 8:13 PM
Assunto:  Why is spoken English so hard to understand?
Mensagem:  Hello there folks, here´s a wee bit of what I have to say about understanding spoken English. Well, what I have to say about learning a foreigner language is that there are loads of things which might make it harder for the students to understand when they hear it. Portuguese has a quite complex grammar but when it comes to speaking the language we do not use as many expressions as they do in English, let alone the words which are not pronounced the way we speak it. Moreover,we do not have such things like: phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions which can be a nightmare for the students. Another two things I´d like to point out are the accent and the slang. I lived in Ireland and found the Irish accent very hard to understand although I could speak English very well when I got there. There are many expressions used in Irish English and also different accent so if ye are not familiar with them you might find yourself listening to a strange language that could sound like any language in this planet but English. Spoken English is different from written English taught in schools, and when the students listen to native speakers, sometimes they listen to a different English altogether. For example: In Ireland they would say: How´s she cuttin`? = How are you ? how´s the form ? = How are you howya = how are you what´s the story ? = what´s up ? what´s the craic ? = what´s up ? I'm grand = I´m well I´m spot on = I´m well the craic was night = it was a great fun she´s some craic = she´s cool ("CRAIC" is an Irish word which is used in many ways in speaking Irish English) she´s cat !! = she´s ugly-looking me old fella = my father cob on to yerself = don´t be stupid I´m not coddlin`ya = I´m not joking Now we are hurling = Now We are talking "Hurling is the most famous Irish sport, like soccer in Brazil" give it a lash = have a try locked = drunk Top of the morning to ya = Good morning slapper = hooker me = my AND SO ON....AND ON....AND ON... Now, tell me how hard it is for the poor students to undertand English when all they learn at english schools is "how are you ?!?!? and sometimes "how are you" is rarely said depending where you are. You see.....that´s why I personally think that "Spoken English" is really amazing and takes really some doing to get used to it. All the best lads and God bless the whole lot of ye !! Mauricio Ps: www.institutoireland.com.br

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 Why is spoken English so hard to understand?  –  Mauricio  07/JUN/2003, 8:13 PM
Re: Why is spoken English so hard to understand?  –  pat  08/JUN/2003, 9:07 AM

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