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Autor:  José Roberto
E-mail:  josezambon@merconet.com.br
Data:  08/JUN/2003 11:37 PM
Assunto:  Meus sinceros agradecimentos ao Ricardo
Mensagem:  Caro Ricardo e equipe, colegas When Ricardo responded to Camacho he told him if he liked Ricardo could send him a copy of his paper on phonology/phonetics, I got interested and asked Ricardo if I could have one, I've just opened my e-mails and there was the paper. What thrilled me is the fact that Ricardo is not "fominha", he indeed wants to share knowledge in order to make us as a whole develop. I always see people afraid of sharing what they know or impede people who are growing to reach higher levels, people who get afraid of losing their position, people who are stagnated and they don't allow the ones moving upwards to reach their objective. We that work as instructors and facilitators of a foreign language still see people looking for the magic pill that will teach another language to them, but they look for it because they see misleading advertisements and the general idea (paradigm) has not been contested. Miguel asked about how many times we are to see questions like "how to deal with didactics and methods", I think it will take long, it will take long for us to realise that not teaching the verb "to be" or rather "be" is the matter, the matter is teaching how to introduce yourself, how to ask for things, how to indentify what the other said (like the how-are-you examples Mauricio brought up) and not just knowling that "how are you" means "como vai você?" and are there any other ways to say it? No, people still want to know how long their course will take... The first time I entered this site I strongly disagreed with what I was reading but later I realised that we have to agree with about 90% of what is written here. I have really been learning how to teach with Ricardo and his staff and the people who take part in this forum. I'm doing a post-graduation course in Franca (SP) on English language. Classes are normally 90 to 100% in English, I am loving the course and several are the reasons that made me shift from Geography to English-teaching, and what I have learned here is one of this reasons. Once again thanks Ricardo and staff, hope that the teaching follow your example, which is, money will come by as a natural consequence of what you have been doing and then not only in language teaching, but teaching in general will transform this country. José Roberto PS: Sorry people, sometimes we have to put out some things (nós temos que desabafar as vezes..)

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 Meus sinceros agradecimentos ao Ricardo  –  José Roberto  08/JUN/2003, 11:37 PM
Re: Meus sinceros agradecimentos ao Ricardo  –  Marcelo  08/JUN/2003, 11:57 PM
Re: Meus sinceros agradecimentos ao Ricardo  –  Ronaldo Cardoso  09/JUN/2003, 9:46 PM

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