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Autor:  Dale/RS
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  04/NOV/2005 7:57 PM
Assunto:  To Dale - just curious

No, I'm not teaching.  I contacted a school (a well known franchise) a few months ago, the director said he was interested in me but the semester had just started and he wanted to develop a class around me, etc.  (True or false?  Was the director really interested or was he just being polite.  I have no idea.  I got the impression that he wanted hire only people from his church.  In the USA it would be illegal to ask me anything about my church membership.)  About the same time I had a series of problems to deal with, I dealt with them, and I didn't contact other schools. 


Let me back pedal a bit.  Prior to going to the franchise school, I had gone to the local cultural center and a school that taught all sorts of courses including languages.  Both already had English teachers, and neither had many students.  At the non-cultural center, the advanced English class had two students.  Remember, I'm in a small city of about 30,000.  Native speaker or not, trained or not, the demand is not high.


I have a good pension and I don't need the income I would get from teaching.  I want to teach because it's fun, interesting, and constructive.  If I teach or if I do not teach, I'm still going to eat churrasco and have money to buy limes for my caipirinhas.


I've done some translating work.  It's interesting, but...translating has little social interaction.  I'd prefer to be in front of a class than a computer.


An acquaintance has arranged for an interview at another franchise next week.  I didn't ask for the interview, but I'll go.  I have TESOL, I have two master degrees, and I like to teach. 


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