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Autor:  Dale/RS
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Data:  06/NOV/2005 3:04 AM
Assunto:  Suburbs x City

"Suburb(s)" is not an easy word to translate or explain.  It is an area (city or even state) that is relatively near a larger area.  An area in the periphery of another. 


I used to live in Los Angeles, California.  We think of LA as being a  very large city, but people tend to include the 100 nearby cities.  These other cities are suburbs of LA. 


The city of Sao Paulo is more or less the same.  Yes, Sampa is a big city.  However, it also has lots of suburbs (smaller relatively nearby cities).  São Bernardo is a suburb of São Paulo.  The ABC cities are suburbs of São Paulo. 


The word "bairro" is often translated as "suburb".  In my opinion, this is not a good translation although it may be one of the best available.  I object to it because a "bairro" is part of the city, not an area more or less close to it.  If the "bairro" is on the edge of the city, then it would qualify as a suburb.


I understand that it's common for businessmen to live outside the state of New York but commute daily to New York by train.  Since it is a common practice and many people do it, they could be said to be living in suburbs of New York.  In other words, their state(s) could be considered suburb(s) of New York.


Another term that is related to suburbs is "bedroom community".  If lots of people live in one city but commute to work in another city, they are said to be living in a "bedroom community".  In the Los Angeles area, the San Fernando Valley has many cities where people sleep but work in Los Angeles.  The San Fernando Valley has become known as "the bedroom of Los Angeles".




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