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Autor:  Dale/RS
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  06/NOV/2005 9:32 AM
Assunto:  Reflexive pronouns

You seem to have a good grasp of the concept.  Don't over do it.  Don't say to yourself, "Oh, boy!  I have a chance to use a reflexive in English!  Whoopee!"  Yes, it's used, but it's not used at every opportunity.  Use it conservatively.  The reflexive is not necessary in spoken English for emphasis.  It's very common to merely raise the voice when saying the personal prounoun, often hesitating a second before completing the sentence.

I myself went home = I...went home.

This is not possible, of course, in writing.


In sentence #4, are you sure you want to use "itself" when talking about a human being?  You didn't do that in your other sentences involving people.  Which sounds better to you?

4-The teacher introduced ITSELF to the group. (função reflexiva)
4-The teacher introduced HIMSELF/HERSELF to the group.



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