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Autor:  pat
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Data:  06/NOV/2005 10:37 AM
Assunto:  Suburbs x City
Mensagem:  I think that the original or classical definition of "suburb" is a place that does not have major industry and commerce of it's own. Really a 'bedroom community" that houses people who work in that place - the city, that does have  industry and commerce.

It is also different from the rural place that has an industry (agriculture) and low population.

But nowadays, as Dale said, many places are  refered to as 'suburbs' that are really small cities in their own right , but many of the people who live there commute to a larger city. Niegborhoods on the outskirts of major cities that were built as suburbs in the 1950's and 60's are now considered urban.  New suburban nieghborhoods, much more lavish and expensive are constantly being built farther away from major cities and are now called "exurbs".

This exurbian tendency, especially, is very bad for the US. But the fuel crunch will soon change all this, and is already. In 25 years the term 'suburb' will be meaningless. Industry will be diffused. 

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