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Autor:  Rick Leal
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  09/NOV/2005 8:02 AM
Assunto:  To Dale - like white on rice

Hey, Dale,

I find it a brilliant idea! Most students of English, I believe, are very interested in slang. Not to mention the non-native English teachers (myself included). So I say you should go for it.

By the way, I'd never heard of "like white on rice" before, but your examples made it really easy to understand its meaning.


One other thing you could mention, if possible, is whether the slang word / expression is a current one, more of a passing "fad", becoming a bit old-fashioned / out-dated, common among youngsters, etc. You know, this sort of things.


Anyway, great idea!


Rick Leal




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