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Autor:  Tiago T.
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Data:  14/NOV/2005 12:35 AM
Assunto:  sky of blue?
Mensagem:  It's interesting that most Google results for "sky of blue" are related to the songs New Morning (by Bob Dylan) and Yellow Submarine (by The Beatles). The expression "sea of green" appears mostly in Yellow Submarine's lyrics. Most of the other Google hits are closely related to these songs, usually referring to them or using them to create a poetical image. You can see, therefore, that there is no grammatical explanation for the structure. It's just poetical, as Dale pointed out.

By the way, the lyrics of Yellow Submarine are very controversial. Some possible interpretations of the lyrics are the following.

Some people say that the Yellow Submarine has to do with the fact that The Beatles were forced to stay in hotel rooms, living therefore under pressure (in a submarine). The submarine is yellow because they were having a great time, with friends all aboard. In this context, the "sea of green" would be the money they made.

Other people say that the song is closely related to drugs. The story would be a description of what Paul McCartney saw on one of his "acid trips" (acid is a slang for the drug LSD). The "sea of green" could be just one of the visions, but could also be a weed harvest (plantação de maconha).

Yet, there are people who say that the song has to do with death. The submarine is depicted in one the album's cover as an underground casket, like in a graveyard (cemitério). Then, they "sailed up to the sun", like spirits or angels going to heaven. The "sky of blue" is probably the place they went after dying, and the "sea of green" (green grass) is something they saw up there.

I also found somewhere that Paul McCartney was having trouble finishing the song Yellow Submarine, and asked for Donavan's help. He suggested the verse "Sky of blue, sea of green" to finish one of the stanzas.

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