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Autor:  Tom
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Data:  14/NOV/2005 9:43 PM
Assunto:  curfew

If you have been watching the news about the riots in France then you should have seen the word curfew used many times.  It's an English word from the French couvre feu (cobre o fogo ou apaga a luz).  It's when no one is allowed out in the streets. 


As far as teenagers in the USA are concerned, curfew is the time when people under a certain age are not allowed out at night without their parents or guardians.  In the home and in a family curfew is what time the child/teen is supposed to be inside at night.


"Be in the house by 2200 or you are grounded for a month!" warned Mary's father.


So, Mary has a curfew of 2200 hours. 


Jake has a nine PM curfew on school nights, a midnight curfew on nights when there is a school sponsored football game and a tem PM curfew on the other nights.  That means he has to be in the house by 2100 on Sunday though Thursday and then on Friday or Saturday he can stay out until 2400 if there is a school football game.  If there is no game on either Friday or Saturday night he must be in the house by 2200 hours. 

Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs -- 2100

Fri with game - 2400

Fri no game - 2200

Sat with game - 2400

Sat no game - 2200

(Usually a school has only one game per weekend so Jake has to be home early on the other night.  In the example we don't say how old Jake is or if the has a car and a driver's license.)


Some cities and towns have a curfew to get kids home and off of the streets.  It cuts down on people hanging around and getting in trouble (not that they can't get in trouble at home just as well.....drugs, pregnant, alcohol, etc). 


Curfew is translated as the toque de recolher but I'm sure that Brazilian teenagers and their parents have a more common word for it.  Want to tell us what it is?

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