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Autor:  Dale/RS
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  15/NOV/2005 12:20 AM
Assunto:  AmSlang #7

I've tried to give some business related expressions today, slang and jargon that would be recognized by almost anyone regardless of their business field.



dar o calote = to welsh (more common with bets than with debts), stiff

Samuel and I bet on the game.  My team won, but  Samuel didn't pay me what he had bet.  He welshed on his bet.

The customer stiffed the bartender for the drinks, leaving the bar without paying for the drinks.
caloteiro = deadbeat
Jake is a deadbeat who never pays a bill if he can avoid it.
charlatão = scam artist, con artist, flim-flam man, charlatan, quack (said of doctors)
(a "scam", "con", or "flim-flam" is more or less a "trote" with money involved.)
To scam, con, flim-flam = to defraud, deceive, cheat, steal ("Scam" and "con" are often used humorously to mean to steal small things of little value, use, borrow, etc.

Jack, do you mind if I scam some coffee?
Mary, do you have a pen I can scam for a few minutes?
My dog is always trying to con me out of a bone.

That charlatan tried to scam me out of $5000 for an operation that I didn't need.  That jerk is a quack!

the bottom line = the actual cost or profit in dollars and cents, the heart of the matter, the most important point of a subject
The bottom line is that we need at least five more salesmen before the first of the month.
The bottom line is that the new truck will pay for itself within six months.
to split the difference = to compromise

You want to sell it to me for $1000 and I want to pay $500.  Why don't we split the difference and say that the price is $750?
in the red = to show a loss, to be in debt
The store has been in the red since it opened in May.
in the black = to show a profit
For the past two months the restaurant has been in the black.

to bounce a check = to write a bad check (not enough money in the account)
N.S.F. = non-sufficient funds, not enough money in the account
That deadbeat's check bounced.  It came back from the bank marked "N.S.F.".
to file Chapter Eleven = to declare bankruptcy
to have a fire sale = to have a special sale, sometimes selling things below cost
to pay a kick back = to return a portion of the money paid to you by someone else (Your firm sells R$100,000 of material each month to a company that builds houses.  Someone in that companies demands that you pay him a R$2000 "kick back" per month or the company will buy the materials from another supplier.  A worker is hired as a butcher by a supermarket.  To keep the job, he must pay this boss a "kick back" of R$200 per month or he will be fired and someone else will get his job.)
to sweetheart = to charge without permission of the store a friend less than the correct price for a product

Mary was sweethearting her friends.  If the perfume cost R$20, she charged them only $2.

It's difficult to sweetheart in Brazil due to the controls in larger stores.
shrinkage = in-house theft (literal meaning ="encolhimento")
Shrinkage, or theft by employees, accounted last year for a loss of over $15,000.


five-finger discount = shoplifting, theft from a store
The kid went into the store and took a five-finger discount, coming out with a new baseball cap.

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