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Autor:  Dale/RS
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  19/NOV/2005 9:33 PM
Assunto:  Take or have class???

I agree with the Dutchman.


I have/take a class. 

I am having/taking a class.


I can think of contexts for "I have classes", "I take classes", and "I have class", but....not "I take class."  "I have class" is correct in the grammatical sense, however, the meaning is quite different from what you want to say.  It means, more or less, "I have style."


Q-Are you busy at ten?
A-I have classes. - common answer

A-I take classes. - possible answer

A-I have a class. - common answer

A-I take a class. - possible answer

A-I have class. - common answer

A-but....not "I take class."

Note:  the use of the singular doesn't mean here that there was only "one class".  Often the singular is used to mean "course" or a series of classes.  In other words, "I had a gym class in high school" doesn't mean that the speaker went once, the requirement was fulfilled, and he never returned..  He probably went every day of the week throughout the school year.


Q-How did you learn to play the guitar?

A-I took classes.

A-I had classes.

A-I took a class.

A-I had a class.

A-but...not "I had class."

A-but...not "I took class."



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