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Autor:  Coelho
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  22/NOV/2005 9:33 PM
Assunto:  Learning Abroad

Hi Miguel,
well, I am not sure about what aspects you are interested in, but in general it's being a great experience so far. No complains at all.
I've been living in Tuscaloosa, a small city of approximately 80,000 inhabitants, which by the way, is totally crazy about American football. I had the opportunity to visit other cities and states and although they also like it, it is not comparable to the frenzy over here.
The local college team did very well this year up to a certain point, and thus, every weekend that a game was hold in the city, the fever was absolutely incredible.
People are very, very nice and polite. I know it is sort of a general rule in the USA, but my impression is that they are somewhat above the average on this regard.
As far as their English, most of the folks I work with are from the Northern part, but out of work, I had a very tough time to understand what they where talking about. Sometimes I didn't even have a clue.
Now my ears a much more trained, but sometimes I still get problems to understand.

I will be glad to tell you more, in case you want. Just send me an email, so that this forum's HPs won't get too busy with this matter.
See ya'll

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