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Autor:  Gus.
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  26/NOV/2005 4:11 PM
Assunto:  systematic or systematical?

Hi there, Carla!


My name is Carla and I've studied English for a long time but I have many questions. I've recently discovered this site and I think that you all are fantastic because you help people like me to find answers we can't find in dictionaries.
This is what makes us all to improve, dear. Realizing that we have lots to learn!


I have many questions and here are some of them. I am sure you can help me.


1) In the sentence: "Eu fiz uma revisão systemática no texto",should I say "systematic review" or "systematical review". I always have problems with "ic" and "ical". I know there is a difference, but to know it?Well, I'm not aware of the difference, but I'd choose for "systematic review". It seems to be more suitable on this context. I may be wrong though!

2) Concurso público (I mean the one you apply for in order to get a job in government organs). As far as I know, Carla, it's said "Public Exam", ok?

3) Prestação de contas sobre um serviço feito.

4) Receita federal and Ministério da Fazenda. Here, they are: Receita Federal - Internal Revenue Service(US) and finally Ministério da Fazenda - Department of the Treasury.

5) Is it correct to say Mr. John, Dr. Paul when I don't know the person's surname? I believe that the issue is not whether it is correct or not. It could be confusing if there were more people with the same name, right?

6) How could I say "desonerar" in English?

    "Desonerar" is to exonerate.


I really appreciate your help.

No sweat, we're all here to help and learn with one another!!!! 



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