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Autor:  Lou
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  27/NOV/2005 6:42 PM
Assunto:  Maria Valeska

I've been attending this forum for couple of years already, and these messages of Regina have been  the most gross/rude ones I've ever read here....and she only considers herself  'indelicate' (euphemism) on her last paragraph.

This whole thing could have been avoided if she had answered politely and perhaps even thanked Maria Valeska at the very beginning...and then....made herself crystal clear that her interest here is only on 'native speakers' comments.

I do agree that in some cases, only a native speaker is able to answer some kind of questions, explain certain things, clarify our doubts...but in this case... difference between outdoor/outdoors...like Marcos himself posted...even a good dictionary would do....but still, she was promptly answered by an extremely well intentioned person.

Any sensitive person here  knows that when André mentioned 'impolite'...he was referring to the fact that she did not consider Maria Valeska's reply just because she's not an English native speaker...would anyone here dare not to consider Ricardo's comments for not being native???...

People are here essentially for good will gestures....she might have had some problems with many English teachers before...but she's not paying anyone here...in this case, she's being answered  by people who are here simply to share knowledge and information, without expecting anything in return....it's sheer love...either for the language itself, or for teaching....most time, for  both.

Maria Valeska might be André's friend..and I'm glad for them...but his posting was nothing personal, because deep inside, I'm sure the vast majority who attends this forum is solidarity with him/her....it's a matter of respect towards one another, that's all...

I couldn't keep myself from letting this whole thing go blank...but I'm not extending this issue any further...will not answer anything else related to it posted here...firstly because it's not my intention to expect anyone 'to waste their precious time' answering me back, but mainly, because the purpose of this brilliant, serious...BEST forum on the net....is "to produce knowledge and for free"... (homepage)..and that's exactly how it's been so far!...Congratulations on everyone here!...Let's get back on track!! ;)


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