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Autor:  Dale/RS
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  01/DEZ/2005 7:23 AM
Assunto:  About fluency..

I agree with Johannes. 


I see no connection between being fluent and speaking without an accent.  To me, being fluent is being able to express oneself well without numerous undue pauses, grasping for words, etc.  I know many people who are fluent but have strong accents.  So what?


Note that I wrote "numerous".  When we speak our mother tongue, don't we all pause once in a while looking for that certain word that will express better what we want to say?  I certainly........do.  Yes, "do" is the word I need here.  Anyway, as I was saying...


I've met several foreigners who spoke English without an accent.  Several years ago I was amazed to learn that a classmate was Vietnamese.  (He was just as surprised as I was because he thought he had a heavy accent.)  His name was Ben.  By coincidence, Ben is a name in Vietnamese and English.  The two sons of a friend in Curitiba speak English without an accent.  Both lived in the US for a year as high school students, and one returned to the US a few years ago and lives there now.  I was shocked to learn that Jerry was the nickname of an old friend of mine and that his first name was Gunther.  We had worked together for a couple years in Scouting and I had no idea that he was German.  Once I learned he was German, then I could hear an accent. 


Without spending a lot of time among native speakers of X-language, I have no idea how one can acquire their accent.  It goes far beyond correct pronunciation.  It means using the right words, the correct response to culturally related situations, etc.  You may have perfect English pronunciation, but if I sneeze and you say, "Jesus, Mary and Joseph!" a little light is going to go on in my head, telling me that something isn't Kosher, something is wrong.  



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