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Autor:  Dale/RS
E-mail:  dale.thomas@hy.com.br
Data:  11/DEZ/2005 8:45 PM
Assunto:  Tipos de chá

chá mate = yerba mate - Notice how Americans use the name in Spanish.  The tea is not well known, but it can be found in health food stores, some import stores [Trader Joe's, for example], and anywhere that food is sold to the Argentine community.


chá de camomila = camomile tea - I don't know about Brazil, but in some Latin countries the tea is used to dye the hair of children.


chá preto = black tea  - The best known brand is Lipton's.  The most common tea consumed in the USA is "orange pekoe", a Lipton's tea.


chá de erva doce = fennel tea


chá de erva cidreira = Possibly this is lemon grass tea.  The Vietnamese make a wonderful rice dish with lemon grass.  If you ever have a chance to try lemon grass chicken, don't miss it!


Herbal teas are common (peppermint, mint, blackberry, etc.)  My favorite brand of herbal tea is "Constant Comment".


Green teas (such as those found in Chinese and Japanese restaurants) are easily found.


Earl Grey - This is very common.  Try it with milk and sugar.  I think it's "The Republic of Tea" that packages a combination of Earl Grey and mango.  It's fantastic!


"Sun tea" is merely tea that is made in a large glass jar and left outside in the sun for several hours.  Then ice is added to it to make iced tea.  Orange pekoe is probably the most common form of "sun tea", but I've prepared erva mate in the same fashion.


Just as in Brazil, it's becoming common to have fruit flavored tea such as peach or rasberry.





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