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Autor:  Dale/RS
E-mail:  dale.thomas@hy.com.br
Data:  01/JAN/2006 1:49 PM
Assunto:  Como aprender um pouco de inglês?

It sounds to me that you are taking the "sink or swim" approach to learning.  You're trying to do some very difficult (translations) when you should be spending your time on developing the tools (vocabulary, knowledge of phrasal verbs and idioms, etc.) that will prepare you for reading texts in English.  By translating texts without proper preparation, you may be dooming yourself to failure and frustration.  The translations can wait.  Learn the basics for the time being.


Two books I like very much are Inglês Urgente para Brasileiros and anything in the series Como Não Aprender Inglês by Michael Jacobs.  In addition to showing how things should be said, these books spend time on common mistakes made by Portuguese speakers.  Sometimes learning what is wrong is more helpful than only studying what is right. 


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Como aprender um pouco de inglês?  –  Hugo  01/JAN/2006, 2:11 AM
 Como aprender um pouco de inglês?  –  Dale/RS  01/JAN/2006, 1:49 PM

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