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Autor:  Johannes
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  05/JAN/2006 10:39 AM
Assunto:  To Lou:Mandando brasa


Hi Lou,

Yes, I guess a real oldie. It was one of the first expressions I learned.

Or rather it was forced upon me. A good amount of Cariocas put a lot of effort into teaching the Gringo that vital saying in those days.

Eu mandava brasa dizendo a torto e direito : É um abraço, morra!


I live in Portugal now. I got to Brazil  in the mid sixties.

Flamengo didn't have its aterro, Cobacana was without its calçadão, there was no novo tunel novo and therefore the girls of Ipanema were really from Ipanema.

Roberto Carlos was there allright, well, he still is, isn't he?


Manda brasa,




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