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Autor:  Dale/RS
E-mail:  dale.thomas@hy.com.br
Data:  07/JAN/2006 2:50 PM
Assunto:  DETRAN/Deficiente físico

I'm in the middle of DETRAN classes to get a carteira de habilitação.  Yesterday I asked about the "handicapped/disabled" sticker.  Apparently, in Brazil the sticker only permits the driver to park in places marked for the handicapped/disabled.  In the USA, at least in California, the sticker/placard/plate is much more versatile.  Among other things, it authorizes the motorist to park for as long as necessary in zones with time limits.  It's common, for example, to find 20-minute parking zones in front of a post office.  A handicapped/disabled driver can park there all day.   A problem in Brazil is that the sticker must be obtained by the driver from a private source (such as a bookstore), and the only ones I've seen are meant to be placed on the exterior of a window.  For a door, fine.  But for a car window, it doesn't work well because in a rain the windshield wipers rub against it, ultimately destroying it. 


It would be nice if Brazil would:

(1) require a statement from a doctor verifying the disability and it's nature (permanent or temporary),

(2) provide through DETRAN the same sticker for everyone,

(3) have a sticker that is made to be placed inside the car.

(4) provide written verification in the user's name that he/she is authorized to use the sticker,

(5) have an expiration date printed on the sticker, renewable every 2 years for a permanent disability and perhaps every three-six months for a temporary disability.  (It's not unusual for the authorized person to die, and the heirs continue to use the deceased sticker.)


Again, in the USA a sticker is not used.  In the USA a plastic placard (maybe 25 cms by 10 cms) is issued.  It is usually placed on the rearview mirror.  An alternative is a special license plate.


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