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Autor:  Lou
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  07/JAN/2006 4:25 PM
Assunto:  To Johannes

Flamengo didn't have its aterro, Cobacana was without its calçadão, there was no novo tunel novo and therefore the girls of Ipanema were really from Ipanema.

Roberto Carlos was there allright, well, he still is, isn't he?


Yes..Johannes..those were the good old days!!:)...except for its natural beauty, Rio is all so different nowadays...wish its changes were merely for its urban features...

Rio is still 'the marvellous city', and will always be...but violence ...and all we hear about it..is shocking really. I know it's not only in Rio...violence is everywhere...but I guess in Rio its even more evident, because it seems to be more concentrated... it's  almost like..either sea or 'morro'...and 'linha vermelha' in between...

People always taking advantages of others....

I have friend, a Brazilian friend, she's blonde , blue eyes, fair skin...from São Paulo, just like me...but wherever she goes, even here, in Brazil I mean, she's often taken as a 'gringa'...due to her features.

She was in Rio couple of weeks ago, walking on 'calçadão'...when this couple, from the USA, came up  to her, asking for some information, directions, and so on....they told her some things they had gone through...they were  frightened somehow, she felt so sorry for them....they approached her thinking she was , perhaps, a 'gringa' too...They asked her how much they had to pay her for the information.... so exploited they had already been...

Please, I don't want any 'carioca ' to get me wrong...I know this happens all around Brazil...just mentioning Rio here, because the 'topic' brought up by Johannes, indirectly involved Rio...

Despite it all....I still believe Brazil is one of the most wonderful countries for anyone to live in ..with all its problems, with all its difficulties...we are one of the  happiest and most blessed  people on Earth!!:)


And yes!..Roberto Carlos...'the king'..is still around...immortal Roberto Carlos!!:)..since that time til now...still releases one CD every end of the year (at that time LP!!...LOL)




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