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Autor:  Maria Valeska
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  09/JAN/2006 5:14 PM
Assunto:  Economia?

Let´s see if I can translate my words to you. In short, I protested against those people who for reasons of their own (saving time perhaps, fashion, who knows?) do not obey certain writing rules as capitalization, punctuation, and, in Portuguese, accents.

I also said that the people who are here in this forum are all in the search of knowledge, solving language problems and doubts. So, it is not conceivable that they spare on such a thing as basic writing rules. As somebody said in a previous post, every mean (of comunication or not) has its own language and way of speaking. In a chat, do as chatters do: write in any conceivable way. But I think this is not a chat, it is a forum of linguistics and language learning and discussion where everybody is trying to improve its own level of language acquisition. In consequence, let´s write accordingly.     

Maria Valeska

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