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Autor:  José Roberto
E-mail:  josezambon@terra.com.br
Data:  17/JAN/2006 12:34 AM
Assunto:  Petróleo que não petróleo



It depends on which Brazil we're talking about, just for you to have an idea, you know Americana city, right? Well, it's in the region of Campinas, if you get Americana and other cities in the region (not including the city of Campinas) you'll see that the GDP is higher than the whole Uruguay (I know that California or Texas alone has a GDP higher than Brazil but keep in mind Uruguay is arguably a good place to live.)


São Paulo and the States in the Southern region of Brazil has in general a good standard of living, equivalent to Belgium in some areas for instance, but the situation in the sertão area in the Northeastern region is equivalent to some of the poorest countries in Africa, a very contrastating and shocking picture, isn't it?


But I also think the Programa Fome Zero (and I voted for Lula and will vote again!!) is not the best way to improve the living condition of the poor, all right now some people got some food in their mouths, but will this be the best in the long run? 


José Roberto          

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