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Autor:  Ana M
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  21/JAN/2006 3:27 AM
Assunto:  Dificuldades no aprendizado

Hi Elaine!


Se nao podemos traduzir "estarei indo", qual seria a diferenca de I'll be going to and Will? traduzido para  o portugues.


From: "Modern Portuguese, A Reference Grammar" by Mário Perini

Simple Futurity - f rom Chapter 18 (bold, italics & underlining are as in the book)


The Portuguese verb has two main ways of expressing future events: the future tense and the sequence of the auxiliary ir (in the present) plus an infinitive. The future is almost exclusively used in the written language.


O presidente falará à nação hoje às nove horas. [Written]
The president will address the nation tonight at nine.


The sequence ir + infinitive can occur in all styles and is the only one found in an informal speech:

O presidente vai falar à nação às nove horas.


These two constructions are synonymous in most cases. But only ir + infinitive can be used to express something that is about to happen, that is, a very immediate future. Thus, one can say

Entra depressa, que eles já vão fechar a porta!
Come in quick, because they are going to close the door!


Cuidado! A telha vai ciar!
Watch out! The tile is falling!


The future in this context would sound very strange:

Entra depressa, que eles já fecharão a porta!
Cuidado! A telha


The safest road, therefore, is to use the compound form, ir + infinitive, whenever in doubt; and to use it exclusively when speaking (which is more or less what Brazilians themselves do).




Well, I guess from reading these EMB posts, there are other ways of saying this "simple future" tense, but I assume these two would be the most correct Portuguese equivalents of it. Surely, we use a lot of incorrect English that would not be given as samples in an instructional grammar.


So, Johannes (and the Portuguese of Portugal) is correct (again :)  Vou para o Canada em Maio.

Would the written version then be: Irei para o Canada em Maio [without all the "estar/indo" stuff :)]


Hope this helps for this part of your question, anyway.


E que tal...I won't know poderia ser Eu nao conheceria.. Existe essa conjugacao?

I think there is a uniqueness with the verb conhecer here -- translated as either to know or to meet in English, depending on the context and sometimes on the tense. I will leave that to the experts. Personally, the way I would frame it in my mind is: Não vou saber... I've just realized why. It's from a song, goes something like: "Eu não vou saber me acostumar sem suas mãos p'ra me acalmar . .. :) de "Amor Perfeito." Maybe that means more like "I will not learn how to . . . " I don't know. . . maybe it's just song lyrics that you can't trust for proper grammar . . . it's just what comes to my mind for "I won't know" ...

Maybe just "não sei se ..." would work for Portuguese. Can't the present in Portuguese sometimes express the immediate future? Here, I just found the "simple present" QUOTING FROM THE BOOK AGAIN:

To express the future

The simple present is commonly used to express futurity (usually along with a time expression that rules out ambiguity):

Amanhã bem cedo eu te telefono.
I'll call you tomorrow very early.

Well, let's leave it to the peritos :)

Um abraço,


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