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Autor:  Ana M
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  28/JAN/2006 2:09 AM
Assunto:  Ann M > Deivis

Hi Deivis!
Nice of you to ask about me :)  :)   :)
  I've studied Portuguese for a total of about 7 years now. I think most difficult for me is trying to figure out who is zooming whom about what -- in other words, which pronouns go with which people/nouns. Getting the verb tense right is still quite tricky for me, to put it mildly :) I was once told that prepositions in another language are the hardest to learn -- I'm not there yet :)
I am by no means fluent because I don't get much chance at conversation. I do okay, though. I am usually told I speak well on those rare occasions -- that's in part because I often listen to radio from Brazil over the internet to keep it fresh in my mind.

Here are your corrections (how I would write it, anyway)***.
Hey Ann M! How long have you been studying Portuguese and what did you find most difficult to learn during that time? I assume you must be fluent, since, in my opinion, writing and speaking go hand in hand.
Thanks in advance

You're welcome!:)  :)  :) Keep at it, Deivis!  I like the jokes you post -- they're great!!! :)  :)  :)

Um abraço,

P.S. My Saturday posts lately are all in Portuguese because I have recently begun to devote every Saturday to Portuguese only -- my "immersion day." Immersion works!!!
P.S.S. It's still Friday here, despite what date may show on this post :)  :)  :)

***Your original:

Hey Ann M, For how long have you been studying portuguese, and what did you find more dificult to learn throughout this time. You assume you must be fluent, once, my opinion, writing and speaking go hand by hand.


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