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Autor:  Ana M
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  29/JAN/2006 9:00 PM
Assunto:  tanto-quanto / both

Hi José Roberto!  :)
Thank you for your corrections! I couldn't figure out how to make that read smoothly with that stuff in the middle there between the -- … -- but you did a great job! I'm going to put more of the text quoted here, which will be from the beginning of the tract on Premeira Leitura's site up to where the sentence I tried to translate starts. I put "it" because I thought it referred to Veja, the magazine, or to the article in Veja. That's where the problem of being out of context arises - sorry. Do you agree now that it should be "it" or do you think there is some unidentified person?
[Com o manchete: "Pesquisa Ibope-IstoÉ foi encomenda de Garotinho"]

"Em sua última edição, Veja divulgou os bastidores da pesquisa realizada pelo Ibope sobre a eleição presidencial. Revelou que o resultado do segundo turno foi deliberadamente omitido pela Editora Três, que publica a revista IstoÉ.  And he/she emphasized that both the release date -- days before an important meeting of PMDB's officials -- and the vanishing of the second poll would benefit Anthony Garotinho, former Governor of the State of Rio de Janeiro, PMDB's pre-candidate for presidency. ..."


Here in the US, the pre-election media coverage is already stirring and we have what I may have termed a bit prematurely "presidential hopefuls." The elections aren't until 2008, but the jostling for slots within the parties has begun. In Brazil, I guess it's at about the same stage, the parties have not yet selected their candidates, so "presidential hopeful" is premature. I know "hopeful" probably sounds funny as a noun, but it is used in this context here in the US (though, understand, I'm agreeing with you in keeping "pre-candidate" :)  ).
I also wasn't quite sure about "diversion." It is not quite a "desvio" but it is close to it. Later in the quoted text from Veja, it mentions that this "vanishing" was temporary. Eis: "
Os motivos do sumiço temporário do segundo turno não foram comentados por Garotinho."
Once again, thanks a lot.
What do you think? "It" is okay? I think you did great!
Um abraço,

ORIGINAL, for reference within this post:

"E enfatizou que tanto a data da divulgação – dias antes de uma importante reunião da executiva do PMDB – quanto o sumiço do segundo turno beneficiavam o ex-governador do Rio de Janeiro Anthony Garotinho, pré-candidato peemedebista à Presidência."


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