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Autor:  Marcio Osorio
E-mail:  rec165701@yahoo.com.br
Data:  30/JAN/2006 1:15 AM
Assunto:  untoward - Ing>Port
Mensagem:  According to the following examples, what Portuguese word/s do you think untoward translates into?

1. an untoward wife

2. untoward land

3. untoward material

4. the oppressive realities of an untoward life —Times Literary Supplement

5. an untoward accident

6. untoward circumstances plunged it into bankruptcy —American Guide Series: Oregon

7. have managed to make a place for themselves under the most untoward conditions —M.F.A.Montagu

8. untoward scrap losses —Harold Koontz & Cyril O'Donnell

9. some untoward and amusing incident —Spectator

10. moving to curb the untoward enthusiasm of the standees —Irving Kolodin

Thank you.

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 untoward - Ing>Port  –  Marcio Osorio  30/JAN/2006, 1:15 AM
untoward - Ing>Port  –  mrob  30/JAN/2006, 3:50 AM
untoward - Ing>Port  –  Marcio Osorio  30/JAN/2006, 10:19 PM

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