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Autor:  Ana M
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  30/JAN/2006 2:38 PM
Assunto:  Teaching English
Mensagem:  Oi Pessoal!  :)
I'm trying to come up with some "memory-fixing" phrases for an English class. Would any forum participants be willing to tell me the words/verbs that confuse them the most as they learn English? What words/verbs do you have to look up over and over again because you can't remember them? I want to see if I can come up with something like a "Top Ten List" and develop some "pró-memórias" that would be useful.
I will appreciate any help with ideas given and will post the results. Then you can let me know if this helps you.
Do any of you already have experience using "pró-memórias" in your English learning?
I find this topic fascinating and want to explore it further. I'm working on developing my own "storehouse" of phrases that help me in Portuguese and want to do the same thing for English learners.
Thanks in advance.  :)
Abraços a todos,

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