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Autor:  Frodo
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  01/FEV/2006 11:07 AM
Assunto:  Up - That is driving me crazy!

May someone here translate this little text, please?


Upon my word!

 We all seem to be hung up on up. We put up with, use up, come up, butter up, line up, punch up and belly up.
 House are opened up, lighted up, warned up, cleaned up and closed up. Motors are fired up, gassed up and charged up. Boats are speeded up, slowed up, tied up and laid up.
 If we are mixed up, we must hurry up and shape up or we’ll be fouled up.
And, heaven help us, we drink up with 7-up.
 If you think up other examples, don’t call me up. I’m up the wall with up. I give up.


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