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Autor:  Johannes
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  01/FEV/2006 3:55 PM
Assunto:  bummer

to run out = acabar, não ter mais.


I searched for bummer as I only knew 'bum' =  tipo mendigo

 or kick in the bum ( dar chute naquele lugar)


This is what I found:


1. bummer can mean 'a person who bums; a beggar; a bum'.

2. bum is also: bum-bum.

To be a pain in the bum= ser  chato pra........................!

2. bummer, can mean 'a terrifying or unpleasant experience induced by a hallucinogenic drug; bum trip', and hence 'anything that is unpleasant, difficult, dangerous.


In American English to be bummed = to be depressed

In British English  to be bummed,  has to do  with bum-bum, meaning that your bum is on the receiving end of something.


I am glad my research was not in vain and that I can pass theses valuable bits of  knowledge on.




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