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Autor:  Tom
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Data:  06/FEV/2006 10:00 PM
Assunto:  sinônimos: 5 dúvidas

You are right.  These are synonyms.  Many have almost the same meaning.  They way they are used is a result of the education of the speaker/writer. 


1) Qual a diferença entre "to recognize" e "to acknowledge" ? Qual o passado do verbo "acknowledge" ? Seria acknowledged ou acknewledge ?


I recognize my uncle Sam when I see him and I acknowledge that he is the oldest man in our family.  I recognize the fact that we should honor him for his lineage and many accomplishments.


Note: the first use of recognize is not a synonym with acknowledge; it's the word conhecer.


2) Qual a diferença entre "near" and "close" com o o significado de "perto", "próximo" ?


I am pretty near your house right now and because I am close to a store I think I'll stop off and buy some snacks to bring to you. 


That was a close call!  You almost hit that car!! (quase bateu o carro)

Yes, I came pretty near to his bumper.  (sim, quase cheguei ao parachoque dele)



3) Qual a diferença entre damage and harm ?


No difference.  Just the way people speak.

I damaged his radio when I dropped it.

He said no harm was done because it's old and doesn't work well.

(ele disse que nao houve prejuizos -- neste caso harm é prejuizo e nao dano material)



4) Qual a diferença entre boot e advantage ?


boot?  boot a computer?  Boot him in the behind? 



5) Qual a diferença entre gain, proceeds and rent ?


I pay the rent and he swears there is no gain or proceeds as it is a break-even transaction.  His expenses and mortgage equal the rent payment.


Gain  - lucro

proceeds - dinheiro acumulado, saldo

The proceeds of the sale of the manufactured goods were deposited in our bank account.  After deducting our expenses and paying off the balance of our loan we should see a gain of five percent in our annual income when compared to last year's.

rent - aluguel

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