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Autor:  Breno
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  07/FEV/2006 11:42 PM
Assunto:  Wellington/Telephone conversation- Quem gostaria?

It's  funny. I consider the american way very impolite in portuguese.It sounds too impersonal, too straight forward.

If I have a conversation with someone even if it is a cashier (someone I don't need to exchange many words) I call them by their name first and if it's not on them, I usually ask for it .  On the telefone, I usually say "bom dia, quem fala?"  so I can go on with "oi fulano, tudo bem". 

I don't think we are supposed to recognize every voice on the phone. So it's not a big deal to ask for someone's name.  Of course, everything depends on the intonation


When someone that I know say something as "Olá, posso falar com o fulano de tal?" I usually answer "oi fulano, tudo bem? Como vai? Tudo jóia!" in a way I can reprehend him or her 




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