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Autor:  José Roberto
E-mail:  josezambon@terra.com.br
Data:  08/FEV/2006 9:30 AM
Assunto:  Gramática e vocabulário

Olá pessoal !


1) TO & FOR


Aqui mesmo neste site, eu estava lendo alguns artigos na parte de teoria e vi a seguinte tradução:


Isto é um instrumento para medir velocidade.

This is an instrument for measuring speed.


Minha dúvida é:

Por que não traduzir a frase acima como está abaixo ?


This is an instrument to measure speed


(1) This is an instrument for measuring speed.

(2) This is an instrument to measure speed.


You can use either structures, the choice is yours (just remember, as Luana pointed out that with for the following verb has to be in the -ing form and with to it has to be in its basic form.)


2) Às vezes


Qual a regra entre utilizar "at times" ou "sometimes", significando "às vezes" ?


I wouldn't ask for rules if I was you, they are virtually synonyms, so the choice of using one over the other boils down to the language user:


I got this from the software WordNet 2.1:



. (15) {00021687} <adv.all> occasionally#1, on occasion#1, once in a while#1, now and then#1, now and again#1, at times#1, from time to time#1 -- (now and then or here and there; "he was arrogant and occasionally callous"; "open areas are only occasionally interrupted by clumps of trees"; "they visit New York on occasion"; "now and again she would take her favorite book from the shelf and read to us"; "as we drove along, the beautiful scenery now and then attracted his attention")


1. (102) {00022353} <adv.all> sometimes1#1 -- (on certain occasions or in certain cases but not always; "sometimes she wished she were back in England"; "sometimes her photography is breathtaking"; "sometimes they come for a month; at other times for six months")



3) Qual a regra para diferenciar "to go on" e "to continue" ?


None, they are synonyms, you may use both in a text to not become repetitive.


WordNet 2.1


1. (44) {02659138} <verb.stative> continue1#1, go on#1, proceed#5, go along#2, keep7#2 -- (continue a certain state, condition, or activity; "Keep on working!"; "We continued to work into the night"; "Keep smiling"; "We went on working until well past midnight")


José Roberto

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