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Autor:  pat
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  08/FEV/2006 10:17 AM
Assunto:  assistantes
Mensagem:  Ola Daniele,

The use of the modals is tricky to explain. Also, I am not nearly fluent enough in Portuguese to know all the nuances in meaning for 'poderia(m)', so I can only guess.

The difference between 'could', 'would' , and 'should' is of course related to that between 'can', 'will', and 'shall'.  'Shall' is not used much anymore, but 'should' is very much used; it indicates a compulsion, more of a certainty that with 'will' or 'would'.

'Shall' has been mostly replaced by 'must', which I believe is roughly equal to 'dever', and 'should' is equal to 'deveria'.

'Will' indicates an intention rather than a certainty; so 'would' is less certain than 'should'; I presume this is equal to 'estaria' or 'seria'.

'Can' means 'to be able'; 'could' is the conditional, so it means 'might be able'. So I think this is equal to 'poderia'.

When expressing one's own opinion or intention, one should use 'would' rather than 'could'. In your sentence, you were expressing your opinion about the model, so it would sound more natural in english to use 'would' rather than 'could'. However, it is comprehensible either way.

Perhaps Ricardo or someone else highly fluent in both  linguas would care to comment on this subject?

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