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Autor:  Dale/RS
E-mail:  dale.thomas@hy.com.br
Data:  09/FEV/2006 11:15 AM
Assunto:  Sistema Penal e Governamental

Como seriam os nome em inglês para os cargos do executivo, legislativo e judiciário, exemplo: procurador, senador, deputado, vereador, desembargador, prefeito...

e como eu traduziria a palavra município? Grato.

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executivo = executive

legislativo = legislative

judiciário = judiciary

procurador = attorney, prosecutor, district attorney (DA), attorney general, prosecuting attorney, US attorney

senador = senator

deputado = representative (House of Representatives)

vereador = assemblyman, alderman, councilman

desembargador = judge, justice of the peace, municipal court judge, superior court judge

prefeito = mayor.

município = Here we have a major problem.  Brazil appears to have estados and municípios.  A município, as I understand it, the political area around a major city.  The typical município is relatively small.  In addition to the major city, it may have some towns or linhas.   (Possibly linha is a gaúcha word.)  The name of the município is the same name as that of the major city.  In the US, although the names may vary from place to place, there are states, counties, and cities. Counties can be quite small or quite large (thousands of square quilometers) and govern a few or hundreds of major cities and towns.  San Bernardino County in California is larger than some states in the US.  The border of a county is commonly called the county line.  Counties routinely have their own police force, jail system, court system, road maintainence department, hospitals, etc.   I can only think of one city (San Francisco) that has a city jail, but there are probably many others.  Major roads are the responsibility of the states.  The counties are responsible for the maintenance of the smaller roads within its limits but not within the limits of a city.  Cities are responsible for streets within its limits.  The border of a city is called "the city limits".  Within its city limits there may be other cities that are "unincorporated", or not independent.  Hollywood, California, is a good example of an unincorporated city.  Hollywood is not a true city at all but rather part of Los Angeles.  Its police department, fire department, etc. are all provided for by the City of Los Angeles. 


Be aware that names may change from city to city, county to county, and state to state.  The word "deputy", for example, may refer to an assistant of a politician.  What is called "vice prefeito" in Brazil may be called "deputy mayor" in some cities.  The most common use of "deputy" is probably the shortened version of "deputy sheriff" (more or less "delegado").  A county has only one sheriff, but it may have thousands of deputies who act in the name of the sheriff and with authority of the sheriff.


I don't claim to be an expert in this field and I'm sure I've made some mistakes, but I've shared with you what I believe to be true.






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