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Autor:  Wellington_USA
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  12/FEV/2006 1:02 AM
Assunto:  Relationships

Phrases and idioms for relationships


Jane an I get along well. / I get along (well) with Jane. ( have a good relashionship )


Paul and Liz don't see eye to eye. ( often argue/desagree)


I've had a falling out with my parents again. ( argument )


Tony and Sue have broken up / split up. ( ended their marriage or relationship )


George is having an affair with his boss. ( a sexual relationship, usually secret )


Children should respect their elders. ( adults/parents, etc. )


Let's try and make up. ( be friends again after an argument )


She's my Junior / I'm her senior / I'm senior to her, so she does what she's told. ( refers to position/length of service at work)


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