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Autor:  Rafael
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  12/FEV/2006 10:08 AM
Assunto:  Verbs and vocabulary

1) By the way, are you getting the above from a British English book or an American English book? 


Nem um dos dois, eu peguei na net quando procurava textos traduzidos pra estudar.


2) This hurts my ears.


Infelizmente, essa resposta não me ajudou em nada.


3) Remember that "position" refers strictly to how your body remained in bed:  an arm this way, a foot that way, a leg, there, etc.  "Condition" on the other hand is a more encompassing term that goes beyond just the placement of your body.  "Condition" refers to your state of mind, your level of pain, etc.  I would recommend "state", not position or condition.   I say this because it also includes your thoughts, complaints, pains, etc.



Muito obrigado !



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