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Autor:  Deivis
E-mail:  deivis_fsilva@yahoo.com.br
Data:  15/FEV/2006 8:08 AM
Assunto:  Expressions

" Please, do not read the following If you are an over-sentive person. It might be a bit  agressive to your ears. However, If you are not, and happen to read It, I'd be really pleased If you leave a comment. As a matter of fact, the followings expressions I learned from a Canadian Guy.


Have you guys heard the following expressions:


Let's make like a tree and leave;

I'll start pushing your bottoms, so you can learn how to to control yourself;

You have horse shoes up you ass;

What's the weather like out? It's titty niply outside.

What have you been up to? Just screwing the pooch.

I smell bacon;

I've got all my ducks in a roll;

I've got all my shit together;

two extrems;

opposit ends of the spectrum;

Kings court;

I'll stop toying with you;

He got me by the balls;

You talk the talk let's see you walk the walk;

She's the ugly duckling of the family;

To play hooky;

I'm a man to the utmost;

Fuckin - a;

The more, the merier;

Let's crop a fell



All comments are more than welcome.



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