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Autor:  Deivis
E-mail:  deivis_fsilva@yahoo.com.br
Data:  15/FEV/2006 1:57 PM
Assunto:  Expressions


I'm not sure what you want. Do you know the meaning of the expressions you posted? You just want to know if we've heard them? By the way, I haven't heard most of them and I'm interested in learning what they mean. If you happen to know the meaning, could you please tell us?

Defenitely Thiago!


There It goes:


Let's make like a tree and leave;


It's a funny way to say: Let's get out of here. Note that trees has leaves, and leave means go away from a place.


I'll start pushing your bottoms, so you can learn how to to control yourself;


He said that because I'm quite an edgy guy, I lose my temper easily. It means like:

I'll start teasing you, until you learn how to control yourself.


You have horse shoes up you ass;


This one is very interesting. It means. Here in Brazil whenever somebody has a lucky shot when playing pool, we would say "cagada" (Nossa que cagada!)

He said: You must have horse shoes up your ass.


What's the weather like out? It's titty niply outside.


I haven't asked him the source of this expression, but It means that It's drizzling outside (bad weather)


What have you been up to? Just screwing the pooch.


I suppose you know that the word "pooch" means dog, Then, If you are screwing the pooch you are screwing the dog" It means that you've been idlying, goofing around. (It's said humorously)


I smell bacon;


Be careful! there are cops around.


I've got all my ducks in a roll;


Hold your horses! everything is under control.


I've got all my shit together;


Hold your horses! everything is under control.



two extrems;

opposite ends of the spectrum;




Both mean a complete range of opinions, people, situations etc, going from one extreme to its opposite


He said that when we were playing pool. He meant that I was a natural player while he wasn't.


Kings court;


The one who wins the game, remains at the table, while the looser has to leave the game

(quem perde sai)


I'll stop toying with you;


I'll stop fooling around and start playing for real. I'll see what I got...


He got me by the balls;


You are done, you have no chance, He's already gotten the best out of you..



You talk the talk let's see you walk the walk;


It seems like you are parrot. You flatter yourself a lot, let's see if you are that good.


She's the ugly duckling of the family;


An unattractive or unsuccessful young person who becomes beautiful later:


It's hard to believe, but she was always considered the ugly duckling of her family.


To play hooky;


skip class.


I'm a man to the utmost;


( Eu sou homen até de baixo d'água)


Fuckin - a;


This one, I kind of figured out by the context:


While drinking beer we were told that we could have two more on the house. Then he said: Fuckin - a, let's drink It all.


The more, the merier;


Who is all going to the party? I think all my relatives.

 Don't worry, the more, the merier.



Let's crop a feel:


Let's touch, grab, feel some women wracks (boobs, titties, breast and so on)



Hope I made myself clear and helped someone's English.

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