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Autor:  Wellington
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  16/FEV/2006 1:03 AM
Assunto:  Just Curios!!!

              Maybe the native speakers have the best answer to me, I'm just curios to know why the American people do not take off  LABEL when they buy something new ( furniture in general ).

               My job is house cleaning and I clean around 4 houses every day and I have seen many times my clients buying things and keeping the label for a long time on it, besides with the price, and if they buy to give to somebody like a gift, they keep or not. Is this polite?

               The first thing when Brazilian people buy something new is take off the label. I didn't ask them because my question could be inpolite, by the way, also I respect and take care with each custom and habits.


Thank you so much! 


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