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Autor:  pat
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  16/FEV/2006 10:11 AM
Assunto:  Is pronounciating "thanks" like if it we
Mensagem:  Irish native speakers of english today ruitinely say 'tanks'. Jamaicans also, I tink. Which is no surprise, because the Jamaican patois is heavily influenced by the Irish prisoners brought there by the english along with the escravos in the late 1600's. At which time  most irish were native-speakers of Gaelic, and were speaking  ESL with  the escravos and the sassenachs.

Other than these few exceptions, omitting the 'th' sound at the beginning of  words is definitely a mark of non-native speech. Changing the 'th' sound at the end of words is distinctive of 'black' english - 'mouf' for 'mouth', for instance.

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