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Autor:  Márcio Osório
E-mail:  rec165701@yahoo.com.br
Data:  16/FEV/2006 2:44 PM
Assunto:  Just Curios!!!
Mensagem:  Brazilian big car drivers drive their SUVs around like crazy. They will swerver at the last minute not to hit OP's small jobs like my '99, four-door, 60 HP, bufinha-sputtering Corsa Windy Hatchback. Some big car drivers will not signal their often abrupt change of lane, some will scare the living oats out of you by racing so close you might find you got some of his paint when you last park in your garage.

And then you can never tell what a drunken big car driver will do next--they could hit-and-run. Or simply hit and leave a poor pedestrian in a big pool of blood. Happens all the time.

One should drive carefully. Always. I think we can no longer tolerate SUV drivers like soccer player Edmundo for hitting OP's cars and killing people and still get away with it. Those of you, big city dwellers, know what reckless driving does to one. And to the whole damned town's usu. laid-back, half-baked approach to it. As well as for jaywalking, more innocent people will die because they simply didn't make it to the other side of the street in time. Because some big sports (or SUV) car driver failed to notice a red light. Or because s/he simply let the hammer down in a deliberate attempt to overtake and quash the unsuspecting pedestrian.

We gotta throw a big wrench into the gears of their criminal minds. Or die trying.

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