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Autor:  Dale/RS
E-mail:  dale.thomas@hy.com.br
Data:  21/FEV/2006 7:12 PM
Assunto:  Please, help me !!!

It's all in the context. 


Teaching pretty nice.  (I'm doing what I want to do.  Love it!)

Teaching pretty nice.  (It's better than getting poked in the eye with a sharp stick.  I'd be happier, though, working in my dad's garage.)


Someone says about Fred, "He's doing pretty good."  What have we learned?  Well, we haven't learned much other than Fred isn't dead and he isn't doing extremely badly.  "Pretty" is very indefinite.  In fact, it's pretty indefinite. 


Let's say Fred was in a motorcycle accident.  "He's doing pretty good" could mean:

(1) He'll be out of the hospital this afternoon.  In fact, he's riding his Honda home.

(2) He's conscious, but we still don't know if has brain injuries.

(3) He was in bad shape until he won the lottery about an hour ago.  Now nurses are standing in line to date him as soon as he gets out.


"Pretty" when used to mean "very" has to be one of the most worthless yet well used word in the English language. 


"Pretty" is one of the words that works well in a conversation but doesn't work well in writing.  If you can hear the tone of voice, see the facial expressions, etc., you're in a much better position to understand what the speaker is trying to tell you.


Is that pretty clear?  It's getting pretty late, so I'm out of here.


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