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Autor:  Dale/RS
E-mail:  dale.thomas@hy.com.br
Data:  23/FEV/2006 8:40 AM
Assunto:  Some questions.

If you want to move on at your company, you should try to build a repor with you boss.

Everytime I talk to those girls they tell me that I seem to be older, mature, intelligent, confident and so on.  I'm not so sure but I think that they just say that to luer me in.

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Deivis, you heard "rapport" (not "repor") and "lure" (not "luer").


rapport = a good relationship, spirit of cooperation, good communication, etc.


to lure = to invite, entice, decoy, seduce, etc.  (Note that it is usually used in a negative sense.)


My neighbor and I have good rapport.  We can talk about anything, and we often help one another. 

The prisoner did not have good rapport with the guard.  The guard, in fact, hated him.

It can be difficult to have good rapport with someone with whom you have few things in common.


The soldier's desire for a medal lured him to his death. 

His love for her lured him to New York where he soon became an alcoholic. 

She lured him into following her into the dark hallway where she robbed him and forced him to eat pão de queijo until his stomach burst.


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