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Autor:  Ana Lúcia
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  25/FEV/2006 6:03 PM
Assunto:  Friendship
Mensagem:  Have you heard about Macaé ? It's a city in  Rio de Janeiro famous for its petroleum industry. It's a small city and there are many American citizens living here as well as Europeans. The English teachers charge 60 reais per hour to teach Portuguese to foreigners (when they go to their house or office). There is an American school for their children, there is a church which the mass is in English and many English courses where you can find many fluent English speakers. English teachers like you would be well paid by the petroleum companies. Your English club here would not need to advertise; it 'd be crowded. I always meet Americans at supermarkets, restaurants (some require that the waiters speaks English). Actualy in my street there are three Americam families, we get along well. People from Rio (carioca) and from the cities nearby are very friendly. We think that the Americans who come to live here are not so open as we are. There is an old lady who came to Macaé to accompany her son that I've tried to welcome her and offer my friendship but she seems that she didn't want ot talk to neighbours. I've never been to Rio Grande do Sul but I'm surprised to hear about their behaivour. People who had lived in the US always tell me that what most disturb them was how closed were the people. A friend of mine is living in Charlote now and said that she feels so lonely because her neighbours aren't friendly. It's interesting to hear an opposite view from you about Americam /Brazilian people.

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