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Autor:  CR
E-mail:  crs@sbcuc.net
Data:  29/MAR/2006 8:48 PM
Assunto:  Bundle

Tiago has it right.  Special edition (read castrated:  it looks like the real thing but some vital elements are missing) software often accompanies hardware: digital cameras, scanners, cd/dvd burners, etc.  This software is not to be sold separately, which is OK since most often it would not be useful without the hardware.


However this kind of stuff mostly comes out of the far east (Japan, Korea, Taiwan) from people that put no effort whatsoever to write proper English.  It is often a source of amusement for the reader (or teeth-grinding frustration) trying to decipher the manual that came with your latest digital gadget.


There are many web sites that explore this aspect of the cosmic joke.  Try www.engrish.com for starters.


Be well.




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