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Autor:  Deivis
E-mail:  deivis_fsilva@yahoo.com.br
Data:  05/ABR/2006 2:28 PM
Assunto:  Do you tell lies?

English is rich in words and expressions that tell mean lies or to tell lies. Look at these examples:



That’s stretching the truth a little.
That’s rather a tall story!
It was only a little white lie.
He has been spreading falsehoods about me. I’ll take him to court for slander.
She has always telling porkies
That’s pure fiction!
Don’t tell fibs, Simon. I saw you put the sweet in your pocket.
Oh! Camon! That’s such a porck pie!
Don’t worry. I’ll be economical with the truth.


Which of the above are formal/legal terms?
Which is a word typically used with children?



By the way, do you think that there are any situation in which telling a lie is justifiable? And what is the most serious lie you have ever told, or been told?

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