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Autor:  Dale/RS
E-mail:  dale.thomas@hy.com.br
Data:  06/ABR/2006 8:34 AM
Assunto:  Mulher no volante perigo constante

Márcio, where did you get that expression?  "Eating cornmeal?"  I've never heard it before.  Oddly, although men love to criticize women drivers, statistics show us that they are in fewer accidents that men. 


I'd say "A woman at/behind the (steering) wheel is always a danger."


Note that it's common to hear "at" as well as "behind", and "steering wheel" is often shortened to "wheel" when there is no danger of a misunderstanding.  As far as "perigo constante" goes, there are a number of ways to say it.


In California, they no longer say "DWUI" (driving while under the influence) or "DWI" (driving while intoxicated), but rather "DUI" (driving under the influence).  Under the influence of what?  Drugs or alcohol.  And the "drugs" can refer to prescribed medications.  You also hear the term "a deuce".  This is the term in cards for the number two, and is an abbreviated form of "502", once the California Vehicle Code section related to drunk driving.  Oddly, this expression continues to be used (especially by police officers and attorneys) although the Vehicle Code section was changed decades ago to 23102 VC.  By the way, "deuce" is also military slang for "two" as in "deuce and a half" (two and a half ton truck).


In jest, some also say "DWO" (driving while Oriental).  A Chinese woman and I were discussing racial stereotypes, and I mentioned our prejudice against Asian drivers.  She assured me that it was true!  California in general, and San Francisco and Los Angeles in particular has a very large and old Chinese population.  The early immigrants came from the Hong Kong area and were mostly speakers of Cantonese.  More recent immigrants speak Mandarin.


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