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Autor:  Dale/RS
E-mail:  dale.thomas@hy.com.br
Data:  07/ABR/2006 10:09 AM
Assunto:  Pode ser

- Do you prefer cold water?.[Do you prefer...it's not written but It was obviously implicit  that I  could choose (ice cold ,cold,tap(room temp)warm...)]
- Can be ... Can be cold, tap or ice-cold water, even warm, I don't care. I just want a glass of water.


(a) Orlando, I have trouble accepting "Can be" as an answer to the waiter's question.  To my ears, it just doesn't sound "right". 


(b) Odd, but to another type of question/statement, "Could be" would be a very acceptable, colloquial reply or response.  For example:


Q:  Do you think he'll arrive here by ten?

A:  Could be.  (Yes, it's possible that he'll arrive by ten.)


S:  I think she's be a wonderful president.

A: Could be.  (It's possible that she will be a wonderful president.  It's possible that your opinion is correct.)


Note that "Can be" cannot be used in the above sentences.


(c) Another common colloquial expression is "Can do."  (Can do = I/we will do it.  It is possible possible.  What you ask is not impossible.) 


Q:  Orlando, can you pick up my sister at the airport tomorrow?

A:  Can do, Dale.  When is she arriving? 

A:  No can do, Dale,  I have classes all day long. 

(Obviously, you're not going to be using such expressions in formal English, but you'll hear it in conversations often.)


(d) I'm getting off the subject a bit, but "No sweat" is quite similar to "Can do."  The expression also can mean "That/it is/was easy" or "Don't worry about it."


Q:  Orlando, can you pick up my sister at the airport tomorrow?

A:  No sweat, Dale.  When is she arriving? 


Q:  Was the test difficult?

A:  It was no sweat.  I'd studied for nothing.


A common expression is "Don't sweat the small stuff."  (Não se preocupe com os pequenos problemas.") 


I was really sweating the interview this morning.  (I was very worried about the interview this morning.)


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