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Autor:  Deivis
E-mail:  deivis_fsilva@yahoo.com.br
Data:  08/ABR/2006 4:32 PM
Assunto:  overbearing, pushy


How would you translate "overbearing" and "pushy" into Portuguese?

Is an overbearing person the same as an arrogant person?

Could you give me some examples?


 I think that it's kind of dificult to be an overbearing person without being arrogant, on the other hand being an arrogant person doesn't mean that you are an overbearing person. I'd say the word overbearing is more like an adjective used to describe someone who is always trying to control other people without considering their wishes or feelings. 

 You can also say: "domineering, a bossy, overbearing wife"



With the help of "longman dictionary of comtemporary English"





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overbearing, pushy  –  Alexandre dos Santos Batista  08/ABR/2006, 4:07 PM
 overbearing, pushy  –  Deivis  08/ABR/2006, 4:32 PM

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