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Autor:  Marcio Osorio
E-mail:  rec165701@yahoo.com.br
Data:  09/ABR/2006 2:50 PM
Assunto:  Keep up with/catch up with
Mensagem:  catch up with
1 a : to travel fast enough to join company
<catch up with an advance battalion>
1 b : to bring about arrest for illicit activity --used with with
<the police caught up with the thieves>
1 c : to have the expected ill effect or result --used with with
<his evil ways caught up with him at last and he died a poverty-stricken and miserable man>

keep up with
intransitive verb
1 : to stay even (as in acts of strength, endurance, or speed)
<although he was small he could keep up with the larger boys in sports>
: stay along (as in thoughts or studies)
<able to keep up with his class in school>
2 : to keep adequately informed --used with on or with
<kept up with the affairs of the office>
<keep up on international relations>
4 :
to match one's neighbors or contemporaries in accomplishment or in the acquisition of material goods : be in fashion --usually used with with
<keeping up with the professors --Yale Review>
<farm folk seem to place less emphasis than city folk upon competitive consumption, or spending to keep up with the Joneses --Day Monroe>

Como Dale lhe disse, em catch up with você "alcança (e pega)", já que catch dá a idéia de "pegar"; em "keep up with" você "mantém (a mesma velocidade)", já que keep dá a idéia de "manter", "conservar".

De maneira nenhuma, p.ex., você poderia catch up with the Joneses, salvo se os Joneses estivessem praticando cooper e você viesse correndo logo atrás para alcançar a família inteira. Para manter no mesmo passo dos Joneses no cooper, você teria que keep up with eles (= dar as mesmas passadas que eles, sem se adiantar a eles nem ficar atrás deles).

Agora, só porque os Joneses usam tênis importados, caros, você não vai comprar, também, tênis importados, de primeira linha, para (con)correr com eles. Se você comprar não só um tênis como o deles mas também um Rolls-Royce dourado igual ao deles, você estará, de fato, keeping up with the Joneses.

Já tentou keeping up with the Johannes?

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